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Several bugs on Windows 7 SP1 [Plus feature requests]
#1 Posted : Friday, December 30, 2011 4:30:21 PM(UTC)

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I love the idea of your program but I encountered several problems in Windows 7 Service Pack 1.
  • I enabled the Sidebar Overlay and then disabled it. However the Overlay continued to remain. I closed BattCursor and it still remained. Only when I ended the BattCursor.exe process did the overlay finally disappear. But now there's a different problem:
  • After the above problem occured and I ended the process, when I run BattCursor, right-clicking the tray icon shows a .NET error. It doesn't show the right-click menu. The menu used to show properly before the overlay problem occurred.
  • After enabling "On Screen Display" my volume control stopped responding. The hardware volume buttons will crash explorer.exe (and the taskbar) while trying to change the volume in Windows' taskbar volume control would crash the Volume Mixer process. Disabling OSD or exiting BattCursor did not solve this problem. I had to restart the computer.
  • When I charge battery, the Battery Info tab shows the status as "Unknown" though the blue arrow is lit to indicate charging. But Windows is able to report that the battery is charging.

Some suggestions and feature requests as well:
  • Add an "Apply" button to the Configuration dialog box so that I can apply my changes and test them without closing the dialog and re-opening it.
  • Add a "Battery Full" notification to show when battery status changes from "Charging" to "Fully charged" (or 100%)
  • In the cursor options, add an option to disable the changing of cursor color. I actually prefer to have only the number next to it shown in various status colors. (I know you can set all the colors of the cursor to white, but see my next point.)
  • The original pointer looked nicer than the pointer on which BattCursor adds the number. The modified pointer has a thick border on its right side which looks ugly. I think it's because when your program processes the PNG-ized pointer, it ignores the transparency values and makes the pointer appear completely opaque. This makes the border thick because a slightly opaque black pixel suddenly becomes a fully opaque one.
  • Perhaps there could be a way to display the number in all mouse cursors. Currently it only shows on the normal pointer. Other cursors such as busy pointer, text caret, etc do not show the number.

Btw, in the support forum, when composing a new topic, if I click Preview, the preview page fails to load the new security image.
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#2 Posted : Saturday, December 31, 2011 1:23:01 AM(UTC)

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I'm happy the last bug you reported is not mine ^^

Anyway, yes I know about the "dark border" problem with the cursor. Sad but true the .Net Framework can't handle semi transparent icons (and cursors, same file format except for 1 byte). That's why BattCursor doesn't handle some cursors (and the default one) very well. But because of this I have added a .png file you can choose to use as cursor. It is resident in the application directory and you can specify it if you have enabled the enhanced options checkbox. This will fix that issue.

To display the percent in all cursors is almost impossible. A cursor can be only 32x32 pixel (only on very few machines with extreme high resolution it might be 64x64). Within this 32x32 pixel the "clicking pixel", called hotspot, is set. The default cursor is located top left so there is enough space for the text. But the text insert cursor is located at the middle of this 32x32 pixel. No room for the percent text. Also BattCursor can't draw or modify animated cursors (like the wait one). That's why I've choosen to only modify the default one :)

I'll keep an eye on your oter points as well :)

Thanks for your feedback
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